New Church Building Project

Just a reminder about just one great opportunity to make a charitable gift to the Church before the end of the year. If you are 70½ or older, you may be interested in a way to lower the income and taxes from your IRA withdrawals. An IRA charitable rollover is a way you can support the Church and benefit this year.

In the past, Congress used to wait until December to extend the law that allows those over the age 70½ to make a tax free donation of up to $100,000 from their IRA to a charity. Good news… a year ago Congress made this law permanent. The donation counts towards your required minimum distribution, but does not increase your income, which can be particularly helpful if you do not itemize deductions or if you’re trying to stay below the Medicare “High Income” surcharge, or even if you’re trying to make less of your social security benefit taxable.

The donation has to be made directly from your IRA to the charity and now that the law is permanent, most IRA administrators have simplified the process and can accommodate your request either by a standardized form or in some cases, may even give you check writing privileges.

We ask that you prayerfully consider how you would like to give to SJTD and as always, consult your financial advisor or tax planner. When you are ready to make the transfer, please contact George Stavros (Treasurer) at [email protected]

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Building Committee Updates

By the Grace of God and under the leadership of Fr. Nicholas Louh, construction of…

We are excited to share with you the current status of the St. John the…

We are so excited to share the current status of the St. John the Divine…

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ: We have established the following pledge collection goals in…

We would like to provide you a brief update on the Special General Assembly held…

Millennium Building Committee

Mission Statement

“We, the Millennium Building Committee, have been formed to provide leadership, insight and direction for the future buildings and development of our St. John the Divine Community on the Beach Blvd. Property.”

Honorary Chairmen and Chairpersons: Dr. William Cakmis, +Mr. John N. Pappas, +Jerry Felos, +Sam Felos, +Lazaros Haramis, +George Krestalude, Eva Mastro (In Memory of Nick), Deno Mastrogianakis, +Nick Megas, +Judge John Marees, Ted Pappas, +George Stelogennis, +Vula Trizonis (In Memory of Chris Trizonis) (+ Deceased)

Spiritual Advisors: Rev. Dr. Nicholas Louh and Rev. Dr. Milton Magos

Committee Members

Nick Furris (Chairman) – Telis Assimenios (Co-Chairman), Maria Carantzas (Co-Chairman), Judge Eleni Derke (Co-Chairman), Mike Antonopoulos, Caryn Assi, Milton Chrissovergis, Deno Hicks, Tanya Kristoff-Powder, Gem Mann, Anthony Megas, John P. Pappas, Nick Trizonis, Nick Tsengas

Special Subcommittees

Demographics/Information and Publicity
The Honorable Eleni Derke, Co-Chair – Gem Mann and Caryn Assi

Telis Assimenios, Co-Chair – Milton Chrissovergis, Deno Hicks, Nick Trizonis

Maria Carantzas, Co-Chair – Tanya Kristoff-Powder, Nick Tsengas, John P. Pappas, Anthony Megas

Capital Campaign Committee

Committee Members

Father Nicholas, Father Milton, Steve Bacalis (co-chair), Athena Mann (co-chair), Father Constantine Zozos (consultant), Sandy Antonopoulos, Danny Assi, Angela Assimenios, Dr. Norman Bateh, Dr. Tasso Bouras, Maria Chrissovergis, Paula Del Rio, Nick Furris, Tom Gibson, Farley Grainger, Nadia Ioannides, Ted Johnson, Paul Kotos, Anthony Megas, Beverly Pappas, Mary Lee Pappas, Maria Pappas, Rose Marie Preddy, Chris Regas, Nick Stamatogiannakis, George Stavros, Dean Stoumbelis, Kathie Tsataros, Bill Toundas, and +Vice Admiral Michael Kalleres

Special Subcommittees

Communications Subcommittee
Maria Chrissovergis (Subcommittee Chair) – Maria Pappas, Sandy Antonopoulos , Paula Del Rio , Angela Assimenios , Mary Lee Pappas , and Caryn Assi (Liaison from Building Committee)

Finance Subcommittee
Steve Bacalis (Subcommittee Chair) – Farley Grainger, Chris Regas, Nick Stamatogiannakis , George Stavros , and Tom Gibson

Parish Ambassadors and Gifts Subcommittee
Athena Mann and Maria Chrissovergis (Subcommittee Co-chairs) – Nadia Ioannides, Dr. Ernest Bouras, Bill Toundas, Dr. Norman Bateh, Danny Assi, Anthony Megas, Nick Furris, and Dean Stoumbelis

Planned Giving Subcommittee
Ted Johnson (Subcommittee Chair) – Rose Marie Preddy

Administrative Subcommittee
Beverly Pappas (Subcommittee Chair) – Kathie Tsataros