We are excited to share with you the current status of the St. John the Divine (SJTD) Building Project. The SJTD Millennium Building Committee along with the project team have been working over the past several months to finalize the design details of our new Church Campus on our property on Beach Boulevard, just east of the intersection at Kernan Boulevard. Our Church Campus includes a Byzantine Crucifix-form sanctuary for worship services, an administrative/ education building, along with a banquet hall. The campus will also include an airnasium and grassed area for sporting and outdoor activities and events, including our Greek Festival along with our Easter Picnic and other community events.

Sauer Incorporated is our design/build contractor and is responsible for providing both the design, engineering and construction services for our project. Construction design drawings for the Church Campus are scheduled to be completed by the end of August 2018. These drawings will then be submitted to the City of Jacksonville to obtain construction permits. Sauer will then solicit bid proposals which will determine the total construction costs. Actual construction is scheduled to begin by the end of November 2018, and we anticipate completion in approximately one year.

On August 19 at the Panagiri Luncheon, a brief “town hall” presentation will be held to verbally update the Community on the Building Project, along with answering any questions from the parishioners. It has been a long journey to reach this point, but God has truly blessed our Community. In the Fall, we will begin construction of His new home… a home that will continue to build upon the sure foundation that has been previously built, but also to create new ministries, new programs, new opportunities that aim to bring people closer to Christ and to each other. We are very close to making our vision a reality… building a church home that will work towards fulfilling the mandate from Christ when He said, “go forth to ALL nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.” (Matt. 28:19). May God continue to bless our Community and guide us during this exciting time in the life of the Community of St. John the Divine.

With Love in Christ,

Nick Furris,
Chairman, Millennium Building Committee

Steve Bacalis,
Capital Campaign Co-chair

Athena Mann,
Capital Campaign Co-chair

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