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He’s a priest, she’s a psychologist, and this husband-and-wife team love working together to care for people. Fr. Nicholas is the priest at St. John the Divine Greek Orthodox Church in Jacksonville, Florida, and Dr. Roxanne is a licensed clinical Psychologist who uses her extensive training in private practice.

At 8 p.m. Eastern on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month, join Fr. Nicholas Louh and his wife, Dr. Roxanne Louh, on their live call-in radio show, “Healthy Minds Healthy Souls” on Ancient Faith Radio.

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Have you ever wondered how to better connect with your teenage daughter? Join the Louhs as they speak with author, speaker, podcaster, and newspaper columnist Kari Kampakis on her book Love Her Well: 10 Ways to Find Joy and Connection With Your Teenage Daughter.

Have you ever wished to understand how the different Evangelists cover the Resurrection of Christ? Join the Louhs as they speak with Bible scholar Dr. Jeannie Constantinou on the different Gospel accounts, what lessons they teach that we can apply in our life today.

Fr. Nick and Dr. Roxanne Louh are joined by Mat. Jenny Schroedel, hospice chaplain and author of Naming the Child: Hope-Filled Reflections on Miscarriage, Stillbirth, and Infant Death. They'll talk about grieving the loss of a child and ways we can support those who are suffering that bereavement.

Fr. Nick and Dr. Roxanne Louh speak with Dr. Lisa Liberatore, co-founder of two nonprofits inspired by crises faced by her autistic son and other young people like him who face important decisions and obstacles as they age out of programs designed for autistic youth.

Join Fr. Nick and Dr. Roxanne Louh for a conversation with Steve Christoforou on the Springtide Research Institute's report on the State of Religion & Young People.

Join Fr. Nicholas and Dr. Roxanne Louh as they interview director Yelena Popovic on MAN OF GOD, her new movie about St. Nectarios. This movie is winning acclaim and reviews from all over the world and is being shown in theaters on March 21st and 28th.

The Louh’s are dedicating a show for you. One of the main themes of GREAT LENT is self reflection. Lent offers us an opportunity to evaluate the areas of our life that we need to improve.

Have you ever wondered why we fast? What is the origin of this practice? Why does the Church prescribe fasting as an essential tool in our walk of faith? In just a few short weeks, Christians from around the world will begin the sacred season of Great Lent. Join Fr. Nicholas and Dr. Roxanne Louh as they speak with Professor James Skedros of Harvard University and Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology about "Lent Then and Now."

Have you ever wondered how all your stress is impacting your physical heart? How have the worries in your life impacted the health of your heart? February is Heart Awareness Month, and this week, Fr. Nicholas and Dr. Roxanne will be speaking with renowned cardiologist and Orthodox Christian Dr. Roxanna Mehran Dangas on how we can strengthen our heart in the ways we live and think.

Journeying with someone we love in the final moments of their life on earth is one of the most difficult struggles we can face. So many emotions can race through our mind, and it is difficult to make sense of it all. Join Fr. Nicholas and Dr. Roxanne Louh as they speak with Hospital Chaplain and Orthodox Priest Fr. Martin Johnson about nurturing the living at the moment of death.

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